2" RACING HARNESS PADS - RED / 828-111-102

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Made of Billet 6061 Aluminum and TIG Welded with Billet Aluminum machined fittings for a proper fitting seal. This kit includes 4 CNC Billet fittings, 2pcs of 3/8" & 2pcs of 5/8", which also allow you to vent the tank to the atmosphere. Multi-positional mounting bracket allows you to mount in many different situations. The interior of the tank is specifically designed with a removable aluminum baffle to separate the oil to be recirculated as clean air. A Removable polyurethane foam filter is cleanable and aides in filtering and separation. The tank is threaded in the middle, designed for ease of cleaning.

These tanks were designed with racers in mind to get down the track safely, by sending all your overflowing fluids to your catch tank and not the ground. Each Kit also comes with an aluminum bracket and stainless steel clamps for mounting. Included in each kit is 3 Feet of Clear Fiber Reinforced Tubing, to route your coolant or Oil Vapors. Vehicle specific tanks are made to fit to OEM bolt holes and require no modifications for installation. Some kits are also available in Neo-Ti Finish. Check website for updated applications.